Fetal Kick Count Importance

I was never told to do kick counts in my prior pregnancy where I lost my son Hunter. He was stillborn at 33 weeks. I was never truly sure of his movements as a first time Mom.

I asked my OB about kick counts and was told it wasn’t important to do them. The sad thing is, kick counts and keeping track of my sons movements (times, frequency, location) would have saved his life.

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The reason kick counts should ALWAYS be done is because anyone can be a victim of the tragedy of stillbirth. Don’t think for one second “I’m healthy, my blood work was fine, there is no reason for me to do kick counts.” You have every reason in the world to do them. Why? Because a change in kick count could mean a change in your baby’s health. The change could be the difference between life or death.

I felt my son move way more than I ever had after I fell on the stairs. I called my OB and told them he moved alot right after I fell but that he hadn’t moved as much throughout the day and I was unsure if it was his movement I was feeling. If I had been doing kick counts, I would have seen a dramatic change in his movement and rushed to the ER.

I urge every pregnant woman who reads this to take the time and buy a journal to record your baby’s movements. I know you think “I know my baby moved today so I don’t need to do those”, the truth is.. Unless you are writing down the times your baby is moving, where you are feeling movement, how much movement you are feeling and the type of movement and the location in your belly..you wont be able to see the patterns in your baby’s movements. You wont have any reference if you are unsure about his or her movement. All you have if you don’t record the movement is your memory and you have a false confidence that you would know if your baby was moving more or less at any given time.

I urge every pregnant woman who ever reads this post to please do kick counts. If you don’t want to get a journal and record everything I suggest you record, that’s okay. Just do a kick count every single day and if you don’t feel 10 kicks within an hour of drinking something with some sugar and/or eating and laying down on your left side, call your OBGYN. If you feel less than 10 movements in the hour, you can also lay down for another hour at most and you should feel 10 kicks at the VERY least. If you don’t feel 10 kicks within the maximum of two hours, go to the ER and tell them your baby isn’t moving as much. Hopefully, your baby is moving just as much and you aren’t feeling it for some reason. If you do go, you will be given peace of mind or the chance I never had to save your baby’s life.

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