I’m a 23 year old Mommy to a stillborn baby boy, Hunter, and I’m currently pregnant with a little baby girl. I want to share my experiences with you, and I can hopefully help those of you going through this tragedy and hopefully prevent others from going through the same tragedy. I also intend to share my experience with pregnancy after loss and give hope to those of you who are where I was at in September of 2016. Please share your experiences, tips, and advice with other Mommies here on my blog. I wasn’t able to find support or advice or help and I felt alone when I went through my son’s loss. It was the worst experience I’ve ever been faced with and when I tried to find answers on google, all I found was more sadness because it seemed like stillbirth was never talked about. On top of that, it felt like people who did know about stillbirth compared it to or called it a miscarriage which was highly insulting and was wrong on so many levels. If you’re pregnant now, hopefully I can help you to be your own advocate. If you lost your baby to stillbirth, I hope I can help you find peace and help you to see the light in such a dark time.

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